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Make money with us every time the client rents a car


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of Localrent’s revenue is earned by the affiliates


eCPC (or the effective cost per click)



Who can earn money with us?


Travel bloggers

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok influencers

Online travel agencies, hotels, airlines, etc

PPC specialists

How much do our affiliates earn?

Car rental is a profitable niche in the travel industry


Is the average commission from booking, the eCPC is about 0.28 Cents

€40.000 +

Earn our top affiliates in a year


On average, our new affiliates earn in their first year

Each new partner is provided with individual support from us. We are helping with writing texts, offering our help with SEO, and discussing the nuances of car rental in each country.

Commission withdrawal within 5-7 business days after we received a request from you.

Payment of a commission at any given time. Simply create a request for payment through a special form in your account.

Bank cards

Bank accounts

WebMoney (WMZ)

Perks and benefits of working with us

Commissions from insuarances

We pay commissions not only for the car rental itself but also for the insurance that comes with it, the cost of which sometimes reaches up to 50% of the rental price. Therefore, we have such a lucrative commission from every booking.

More data for partners

We share the data that helps to improve the conversion rates: the needs of the specific audience, the average depth and duration of the bookings, the most popular cars and routes in the region, the best topics for articles and other nuances and details about car rental services that are hard to find on the Internet. So that info that you provide will be unique and extremely useful for your readers and viewers.

Support team for affiliates

24/7 support for all our affiliates across the globe.

Advanced statistics

A simple and, at the same time, a multifunctional affiliate account with detailed statistics. You will be able to see what type of car a client has booked, from what device he did it, and what affiliate tool he used to do it, whether it was an affiliate link or widget or White-label.

SEO help

Help with SEO and content. We know which texts most quickly get into the top of search engines and will be happy to share our best practices with you.


Bonuses, challenges, and free of charge car rent for our affiliates.

Unique product

A unique offer for tourists. Unlike other car rental brokers, we have exclusive contracts with some of the rental companies, which means that most cars are presented only on our website and nowhere else.

Our tools


White label

Affiliate links

Sub affiliates

API Integration

How to get started

You need to register in our affiliate program.

Choose which tools you will use: referral links, widgets, White Label, or API integration.

Create a strategy for promoting our offer on your site. From our experience, it is crucial to work with each traffic source in its own unique way. You can connect with us via this email, and we will help you develop a strategy so that you can earn more.


Travel blogger

We have been working with MRC for several years now, during this time, the company has developed well, recently opened several popular destinations - the UAE and Turkey!

The coolest thing about this affiliate program, besides the commission and excellent conversion rates, of course, is that we are able to solve any issues that may occur in no time. We communicate directly with Sergey, who is of grave help. He often suggests the topics of our article, gives other tips on the affiliate program and the market as a whole. This is crucial, especially for beginners.

I hope that after current events the market will quickly recover and we will continue to earn money together :)

Travel blogger

I can recommend the Localrent affiliate program. It naturally happened that from the first day of work, we have developed mutual understanding and trust. In this affiliate program, I like an individual approach - we discuss literally every article and ways to improve it. Given the fact that the Localrent website already has excellent conversion rates, the results are remarkable. Tips and tricks with our site development help us a lot. Localrent has an excellent team, and I can confidently say they are growing fast, just like we do.,

Travel blogger

As the author and owner of the website and, I have been working with Localrent for the fourth year.

This is the case when you have the best of both worlds, and the service you promote is good for everyone - a car rental broker, an affiliate, and a client, who gets a car at a reasonable price with clear conditions.

I can say this as a tourist who rents a car for my journeys up to 10 times a year and as an affiliate partner who receives income from promoting this service.

As a webmaster and a blogger, I work with at least a dozen travel service companies. At Localrent, I appreciate openness and willingness to go the extra mile for the client.

The company systematically adds the most promising markets for car tourism. 

I can only say that I found my ideal broker as a tourist and as a partner, being the owner and author of travel websites.


Travel blogger

The first time I learned about Localrent company was last year in Montenegro when I needed to rent a car there. My experience renting through their platform was great, so I decided to start recommending them to my readers. And so far, I am happy I have signed up for their affiliate program.
The company is relatively new on the market, yet, for some destinations, it managed to supply a big fleet of cars and low rates. In fact, in countries like Montenegro and Georgia for instance, MRC has the largest car hire booking platform with the best prices. We personally tested that. 

Working with these guys is easy and enjoyable. They are constantly growing and covering more markets in popular destinations. For affiliate partners, they offer generous commission and cookie length. But what makes the entire experience of working with them outstanding is the level of service the company provides.

Sergei, who is in charge of marketing, constantly stays in touch, providing support, and answering all questions one might have. So if you need advice on another piece of content or have a technical question, you can always count on help. 

I highly recommend Localrent for your personal use as well as affiliate income!